East Peoria Holiday Inn

Kristen and Mark planned a simple elegant wedding in their home town of East Peoria.  I think it was the first time their kids wore a tux.  The kids seemed a big shy for about a couple of minutes but quickly let loose and enjoyed the day along with the other guests.  Here’s a few of my favorite images from the day.  Congratulations Kristen and Mark!FineArtWeddings0003

FineArtWeddings0005 FineArtWeddings0004 FineArtWeddings0002 FineArtWeddings0001 HolidayInnWedding0016 HolidayInnWedding0017 HolidayInnWedding0018 HolidayInnWedding0020 HolidayInnWedding0021