Springfield Wedding

Chrissy and Andrew decided to plan a first look.  The weather was great although about 5 degrees warmer than Chicago, just about 90.   I hear that St Louis is typically 5 degrees warmer than Springfield, but the day went smoothly and everyone enjoyed the day.  I really enjoy a change of scenery and especially working with a fun lively group.  Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.  Cheers !0001DSC_8012 0002DSC_8014 0003JFK_9302 0004JFK_9323 0005JFK_9324 0006DSC_8026 0007JFK_9340 0008DSC_8050 0009DSC_8078 0010DSC_8104 0011DSC_8110 0012JFK_9489 0013DSC_8120 0014JFK_9496 0015DSC_8123 0016DSC_8132 0017DSC_8133 0018DSC_8153 0019JFK_9543 0020DSC_8179 0021DSC_8186 0022JFK_9572They make a good team !   0023JFK_9573 0024DSC_8218 0025JFK_9582 0026DSC_8245 0027JFK_9604 0028JFK_9611 0029JFK_9665 0030JFK_9700 0031JFK_9703 0032JFK_9888 0033JFK_9900 0034JFK_0036

Custom Albums

We just completed Molly and Chris’s album, The custom image box is a new product we just started to offer.   The finishing details and craftsmanship really shine when viewing the actual product in hand.   Hours of post production work in editing , design, retouching occurs before the actual printing and archiving.  This 12×12 album features a acrylic cover photo which give a nice fine art look and feel.  Handing off the final product always adds a lot of personal satisfaction.


JFKphotoNewAlbum JFKPHOTOAlbum2 jfkphotoALBUM3

Trinity Episcopal Chapel Wheaton

Congratulations to Natalie and Randy.  Natalie braved the cold weather for some festive portraits in downtown Wheaton.  Randy posed for a quick portrait with their dogs Dash and Daisy before leaving for the church.  A small intimate reception followed at Emmett’s Brewing Co.   Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.DSC_9692DSC_9396

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Brookfield Zoo Wedding

Sarah and Jeff celebrated their wedding at Brookfield Zoo.  Their wedding was at Seven Seas, which was a nice setting for an intimate gathering.   We then proceed to Tropic World for Cocktail Hour.  The weather was a bit cold but that did’nt stop anyone from enjoying the day.   It snowed that Monday so we were’nt sure what to expect.  There are so many great places to shoot at the Zoo that I always discover a new location every time I’m there.  Sarah and Jeff, Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.  I enjoyed photographing your wedding.

Brookfield Zoo0022-2 Brookfield Zoo0023 Brookfield Zoo0024 Brookfield Zoo0025 Brookfield Zoo0026 Brookfield Zoo0027 Brookfield Zoo0028 Brookfield Zoo0029 Brookfield Zoo0030 Brookfield Zoo0031 Brookfield Zoo0032Brookfield Zoo0001 Brookfield Zoo0002 Brookfield Zoo0003 Brookfield Zoo0004 Brookfield Zoo0005 Brookfield Zoo0006 Brookfield Zoo0008 Brookfield Zoo0010 Brookfield Zoo0011 Brookfield Zoo0012 Brookfield Zoo0013 Brookfield Zoo0014 Brookfield Zoo0015 Brookfield Zoo0016

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Brookfield Zoo0019 Brookfield Zoo0021 Brookfield Zoo0022Brookfield Zoo0020

Lyon Farm, Yorkville

Wedding season is in full bloom this time of year.  This particular wedding had a country theme, with lots of personal touch added by both the bride and groom.   I had never seen a camo vest before but the groom and groomsmen seemed to pull it off.   They also had a wooden cake, or at least looked like wood, fortunately they were able to cut the cake without a hitch.  The guests seemed to enjoy the cake too !  The fun started before I arrived and I’m sure continued after I left.  I hope to have the chance to photograph another wedding like this.  Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.LyonsFarm0049LyonsFarm0001 LyonsFarm0002 LyonsFarm0003 LyonsFarm0004 LyonsFarm0005 LyonsFarm0006 LyonsFarm0007 LyonsFarm0011 LyonsFarm0012 LyonsFarm0013 LyonsFarm0015 LyonsFarm0016 LyonsFarm0019 LyonsFarm0020 LyonsFarm0021 LyonsFarm0022 LyonsFarm0024 LyonsFarm0028 LyonsFarm0029 LyonsFarm0030 LyonsFarm0031 LyonsFarm0033 LyonsFarm0034 LyonsFarm0037 LyonsFarm0039 LyonsFarm0040 LyonsFarm0041 LyonsFarm0042 LyonsFarm0043 LyonsFarm0044 LyonsFarm0046 LyonsFarm0047 LyonsFarm0050 LyonsFarm0051 LyonsFarm0052 LyonsFarm0053 LyonsFarm0054 LyonsFarm0055 LyonsFarm0056 LyonsFarm0057 LyonsFarm0058 LyonsFarm0059 LyonsFarm0060 LyonsFarm0061 LyonsFarm0062 LyonsFarm0063 LyonsFarm0064

Brookfield Zoo

Karina and Damian celebrated their wedding at Brookfield Zoo.  Karina fell in love with just about all the animals at the Zoo, and the groom ofcourse : )  It rained just about all day but we were still able to tour the Zoo.   All the guests really enjoyed Tropic World for their cocktail hour.  We then proceeded to Bocaditos for their reception.   Congratulations and Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.Brookfield Zoo-0011 Brookfield Zoo-0012 Brookfield Zoo-0013 Brookfield Zoo-0014 Brookfield Zoo-0015 Brookfield Zoo-0016 Brookfield Zoo-0017 Brookfield Zoo-0018 Brookfield Zoo-0019 Brookfield Zoo-0020 Brookfield Zoo-0021 Brookfield Zoo-0022  Brookfield Zoo-0024

Brookfield Zoo-0023 Tropic World0088Brookfield Zoo-0025   Brookfield Zoo-0033 Brookfield Zoo-0034    Brookfield Zoo-0038   Brookfield Zoo-0028Brookfield Zoo-0026 Brookfield Zoo-0027 Brookfield Zoo-0029 Brookfield Zoo-0030 Brookfield Zoo-0031 Brookfield Zoo-0032