Trinity Episcopal Chapel Wheaton

Congratulations to Natalie and Randy.  Natalie braved the cold weather for some festive portraits in downtown Wheaton.  Randy posed for a quick portrait with their dogs Dash and Daisy before leaving for the church.  A small intimate reception followed at Emmett’s Brewing Co.   Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.DSC_9692DSC_9396

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Trinity Episcopal Church, Wheaton

Here’s a quick preview of a few of my favorite images from Ellen and Connor’s wedding. This was a destination wedding, well kind of, groom flew in from Hawaii, bride from California and some of their family from Alabama and Chicago ofcourse. Trinity Episcopal Church was where the ceremony took place.  A great location for wedding photos and it’s also the oldest church in Wheaton.   The day really seemed to fly by fast.  This couple was easy to work with, Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.Wheaton Wedding0001Wheaton Wedding0001-2 Wheaton Wedding0003 Wheaton Wedding0004 Wheaton Wedding0006 Wheaton Wedding0007 Wheaton Wedding0008 Wheaton Wedding0010

TrinityEpiscopalChurch0001 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0003 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0004 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0005 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0006 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0018 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0007 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0008


TrinityEpiscopalChurch0011 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0012 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0013 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0014 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0015 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0016 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0017 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0019 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0020


Brookfield Zoo

The Zoo is really a great location for a wedding especially if your an animal lover.  Here’s a few of my favorites from Christy and Tony’s wedding at Brookfield Zoo.  I always enjoy discovering new areas and capturing original photography for happy couples.      Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.BrookfieldZooJFK_0155BrookfieldZooJEF_8909BrookfieldZooJEF_9019 BrookfieldZooJEF_9023 BrookfieldZooJEF_9032 BrookfieldZooJEF_9036 BrookfieldZooJEF_9368 BrookfieldZooJEF_9547 BrookfieldZooJEF_9955

Michelle and Matt’s Wedding Bull Valley G.C., Woodstock

Michelle and Matt wanted a white wedding and that’s just what they got! Emily and her team at Bull Valley did a beautiful job decorating, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The wedding party included lots of kids who kept checking under the tree for gifts.  I think the gift boxes were just decorations and I didn’t check, but wanted to.  Everyone enjoyed the evening which I think you can tell from the pictures.

Wedding Albums

We just received several clients wedding albums from our bookbinder, just in time for Christmas.
One album is from October 9th less than 2 months after their wedding which is considered
pretty quick considering all the custom work that’s involved.
The replica parent albums have always been a hit for Christmas gifts. I will be
posting next week a bit more how this process works.