Naperville Riverwalk Engagement

Molly and Chris chose Naperville Riverwalk for their engagement photos.  Their dog parker
joined in on their photo shoot.   I haven’t photographed engagement photos there before but I think this maybe one of my new favorite locations. The cold weather kept a lot of the public away and out of the background.   These black and white images are some of my favorites.  As a monotone, the viewers attention is directed to the subjects without a color biase. I think these images would present best printed on metalic fine art paper to give it more of a 3 dimensional look. 
I read somewhere that dogs see the world in black and white.  I don’t know if that true or not, but it seems like something special.

NapervilleRiverwalk0001 NapervilleRiverwalk0002 NapervilleRiverwalk0003



NapervilleRiverwalk0038 NapervilleRiverwalk0040 NapervilleRiverwalk0018 NapervilleRiverwalk0009 NapervilleRiverwalk0014 NapervilleRiverwalk0024 NapervilleRiverwalk0036

Custom Wedding Albums

This is a 12×12 custom album featuring a granite gray leather cover with a 3×3 cameo accented with a midnight black fabric liner.   The matching case is made of the same materials.  All images are carefully inspected and retouched for the best presentation.   I really like the panoramics in these albums.  A 12×24 image really has a big impact when you see it in person.   The presentation is really half the job and an important part of the photography process.  It’s all in the details. We often spend much more time selecting the best images, laying out a nice clean design that highlights all the key moments than the actual capture time on the wedding day.    There are quite a bit of cover options available, narrowing this down can be overwhelming to many couples, so we like to offer our recommendation.  Replica albums are also a popular gift for the parents. WeddingALbums0001 WeddingALbums0003 WeddingALbums0005 WeddingALbums0007 WeddingALbums0009 WeddingALbums0010 WeddingALbums0011 WeddingALbums0012 WeddingALbums0013 WeddingALbums0015 WeddingALbums0017 WeddingALbums0018 WeddingALbums0019WeddingALbums0020

Lake Springfield Wedding


Here are some of my favorite images of Catherine and Jacks wedding at Lake Springfield. I actually did’nt know there was a Lake in Springfield, what a great place for a wedding.  The grooms dog even dressed for the occasion.   The ceremony was just a short walk away from the tent.   The sunset really was a great setting for a picture perfect day.

LakeSpringfieldJEF_4075 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4092LakeSpringfieldJFK_4491 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4438


LakeSpringfieldJFK_4544 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4567 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4584 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4604 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4363 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4316 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4430 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4378 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4307 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4267 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4220 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4144 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4127 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4614 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4164 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4191 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4212 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4215 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4230 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4714 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4244 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4266 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4274 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4277 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4309 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4325 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4348

LakeSpringfieldJEF_4368 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4383 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4388 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4395 LakeSpringfieldJEF_4404 LakeSpringfieldJFK_4696

Lyon Farm, Yorkville

Wedding season is in full bloom this time of year.  This particular wedding had a country theme, with lots of personal touch added by both the bride and groom.   I had never seen a camo vest before but the groom and groomsmen seemed to pull it off.   They also had a wooden cake, or at least looked like wood, fortunately they were able to cut the cake without a hitch.  The guests seemed to enjoy the cake too !  The fun started before I arrived and I’m sure continued after I left.  I hope to have the chance to photograph another wedding like this.  Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.LyonsFarm0049LyonsFarm0001 LyonsFarm0002 LyonsFarm0003 LyonsFarm0004 LyonsFarm0005 LyonsFarm0006 LyonsFarm0007 LyonsFarm0011 LyonsFarm0012 LyonsFarm0013 LyonsFarm0015 LyonsFarm0016 LyonsFarm0019 LyonsFarm0020 LyonsFarm0021 LyonsFarm0022 LyonsFarm0024 LyonsFarm0028 LyonsFarm0029 LyonsFarm0030 LyonsFarm0031 LyonsFarm0033 LyonsFarm0034 LyonsFarm0037 LyonsFarm0039 LyonsFarm0040 LyonsFarm0041 LyonsFarm0042 LyonsFarm0043 LyonsFarm0044 LyonsFarm0046 LyonsFarm0047 LyonsFarm0050 LyonsFarm0051 LyonsFarm0052 LyonsFarm0053 LyonsFarm0054 LyonsFarm0055 LyonsFarm0056 LyonsFarm0057 LyonsFarm0058 LyonsFarm0059 LyonsFarm0060 LyonsFarm0061 LyonsFarm0062 LyonsFarm0063 LyonsFarm0064

Brookfield Zoo

Karina and Damian celebrated their wedding at Brookfield Zoo.  Karina fell in love with just about all the animals at the Zoo, and the groom ofcourse : )  It rained just about all day but we were still able to tour the Zoo.   All the guests really enjoyed Tropic World for their cocktail hour.  We then proceeded to Bocaditos for their reception.   Congratulations and Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.Brookfield Zoo-0011 Brookfield Zoo-0012 Brookfield Zoo-0013 Brookfield Zoo-0014 Brookfield Zoo-0015 Brookfield Zoo-0016 Brookfield Zoo-0017 Brookfield Zoo-0018 Brookfield Zoo-0019 Brookfield Zoo-0020 Brookfield Zoo-0021 Brookfield Zoo-0022  Brookfield Zoo-0024

Brookfield Zoo-0023 Tropic World0088Brookfield Zoo-0025   Brookfield Zoo-0033 Brookfield Zoo-0034    Brookfield Zoo-0038   Brookfield Zoo-0028Brookfield Zoo-0026 Brookfield Zoo-0027 Brookfield Zoo-0029 Brookfield Zoo-0030 Brookfield Zoo-0031 Brookfield Zoo-0032

Brookfield Zoo Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Laura and Ricks wedding at Brookfield Zoo.  The weather was great, not too hot with a slight breeze.  We started out with the first look at the Swan Pavilion then continued with family portraits.   Other people visiting the Zoo gave their well wishes and congratulations as we rode around the Zoo on the golf cart.   The ceremony took place at the formal pond, then we continued to the Great Bear Wilderness for the cocktail hour and Bocaditos for the Reception.  The bride and groom seemed to really enjoy the ride around the Zoo, it seemed like they were the main attraction that day.  Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer, you were fun to photograph.BrookfieldZooJEF_9668Their pets were part of the cake topper.001BrookfieldZooJEF_9051 003BrookfieldZooJEF_9105 004BrookfieldZooJFK_1214 005BrookfieldZooJEF_9179 006BrookfieldZooJEF_9189 007BrookfieldZooJFK_1233 008BrookfieldZooJEF_9198 009BrookfieldZooJEF_9216 011BrookfieldZooJEF_9233 012BrookfieldZooJEF_9264 014BrookfieldZooJEF_9277 015BrookfieldZooJFK_1312 016BrookfieldZooJFK_1323 017BrookfieldZooJEF_9411 018BrookfieldZooJEF_9443 019BrookfieldZooJEF_9449 020BrookfieldZooJEF_9491 021BrookfieldZooJEF_9504 022BrookfieldZooJEF_9521 024BrookfieldZooJFK_1381 025BrookfieldZooJFK_1382 026BrookfieldZoo_9198 027BrookfieldZooJEF_9568 028BrookfieldZooJEF_9571 029BrookfieldZooJFK_1464 030BrookfieldZooJFK_1472 031BrookfieldZooJEF_9613 032BrookfieldZooJEF_9629 033BrookfieldZooJFK_1519 034BrookfieldZooJEF_9632 035BrookfieldZooJFK_1523 036BrookfieldZooJFK_1525 037BrookfieldZooJEF_9643 038BrookfieldZooJEF_9681 039BrookfieldZooJEF_9685 040BrookfieldZooJEF_9686 041BrookfieldZooJEF_9727 042BrookfieldZooJEF_9743 044BrookfieldZooJEF_9758 045BrookfieldZooJEF_9777 046BrookfieldZooJEF_9808 050BrookfieldZooJEF_9840 051BrookfieldZooJEF_0013 052BrookfieldZooJEF_0037 053BrookfieldZooJEF_0038 054BrookfieldZooJEF_0061 055BrookfieldZooJEF_0129


Trinity Episcopal Church, Wheaton

Here’s a quick preview of a few of my favorite images from Ellen and Connor’s wedding. This was a destination wedding, well kind of, groom flew in from Hawaii, bride from California and some of their family from Alabama and Chicago ofcourse. Trinity Episcopal Church was where the ceremony took place.  A great location for wedding photos and it’s also the oldest church in Wheaton.   The day really seemed to fly by fast.  This couple was easy to work with, Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer.Wheaton Wedding0001Wheaton Wedding0001-2 Wheaton Wedding0003 Wheaton Wedding0004 Wheaton Wedding0006 Wheaton Wedding0007 Wheaton Wedding0008 Wheaton Wedding0010

TrinityEpiscopalChurch0001 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0003 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0004 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0005 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0006 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0018 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0007 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0008


TrinityEpiscopalChurch0011 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0012 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0013 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0014 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0015 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0016 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0017 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0019 TrinityEpiscopalChurch0020